Winter Projects

This winter could not be more exciting for me. Normally I slightly dread the creep of dark mornings and cold toes but with so much to look forward to this year I cannot wait.

Panto presents: Jack and the Beansprouts rehearsal 2016

Panto presents: Jack and the Beansprouts rehearsal 2016

My first Christmas show this year takes place in Glenskirlie Castle which for those who don’t know is Santa’s Scottish Distribution Centre. Guests will be invited in to the real elves workshop in Scotland and get to taste our favourite foods as well as meeting Santa. Touring the Logistics and Operations room means seeing how we plan Santa’s route and find out the science behind getting Santa down chimneys. The elves are on hand to entertain families through breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Everyone gets to meet Santa too. Performances run every weekend from the 3rd-24th of December and tickets sold out back in September. I am sure I will have plenty stories to tell once we are up and running too.

My second Christmas show of the year takes place in another castle! Inside Stirling Castle’s Great Hall no less. Guests will be invited to meet Cinderella and Buttons before hearing their story. Buttons is worried that Cinderella doesn’t remember her Happily Ever After and it might just be all his fault. Can you help Buttons save Cinders? Or is it Cinderella who is right all along. This interactive two-hander pantomime is designed to delight families while making use of its incredible surroundings. Don’t be surprised to see our heroes wandering the halls, making friends before the show even begins. Meet Cinderella and Buttons on Sunday 3rd of December at Stirling Castle.

Finally no December for me could be complete for me without a trip to the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. Bringing a touch of pantomime to the wards again in the form of storytelling which is always a favourite in the calendar for me.