To me it gave families time to play together and relax and listen to a story”

I thought the curiosity forest was a great way to encourage children to play, and discover more about the outdoors. My son loved playing with the projected woodland and making his own shapes and animals on the wall. He did some fantastic colouring in, and took part in the story about the dancing caterpillar. To me it gave families time to play together and relax and listen to a story, find out about fossils or make masks.

 – Thomas, Dad’s Rock Edinburgh

Customer Interaction training

“The training in November turned out to be a huge success. The staff were very happy and took your comments on board. In general, you gave us valuable advice on how to set the mood during morning briefings by playing short games, and you also gave us some tips on how to better interact with customers and each other. In our kind of business these recommendations are very useful and your advice will definitely improve our team building activities. All in all, the training aided in improving the communication amongst everyone.”


Faciliation Workshops

A whistle stop tour of facilitating” – Joshua, Young Arts Leader

“Learning new exercises, ways of facilitation and embracing the way I express myself as a facilitator.” – Colleen, Young Arts Leader

“I was challenged and taken outside my comfort zone which is only ever a good thing” Chris, Young Arts Leader

“Very useful workshop and done in a very accessible way. Lisa herself is lovely and allows you to relax into it…it was a really accessible journey” – Catherine, Theatre-maker

“Lisa built trust within the group very well” Hayley, University of Edinburgh


“Lisa conducted a team-building workshop for my team recently focused on creativity. We’re a small team of 5 and we all demonstrate different skills in our daily jobs. Lisa’s workshop gave us a great opportunity to find out how people in the team behave and interact in different settings while doing activities that are not part of our daily routines. We sit in a very small office so one would think we know each other very well but I was amazed by the number of skills my colleagues have demonstrated throughout the workshop. Lisa led the activities in a very relaxed and friendly manner while making sure everyone was comfortable and used their imagination to it’s fullest. Among many excercises a creativity exercise about “how to use a paperclip,” continued with a transformed game of charades and ended by creating a map of the world! We spent a couple of hours having loads of fun and learnt many useful things about each other that we can definitely use when making the company and the office a better place!”

Andrea, Zomato

I really enjoyed The Curiosity Forest, I thought it was a fun and well-organised event with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and clearly a lot of enthusiasm behind it. I thought there was a perfect mix of entertainment and hands-on activities, and everyone attending (both children and adults) looked like they were enjoying themselves. There was plenty of space for the workshop on fossils which I was running, and I found it really easy to interact with visitors in a chatty, informal way. I really liked the way this event combined arts and science activities and made them accessible to everyone there, and it would be great to see The Curiosity Forest happen again next year.

Amelia Penny, The Cockburn Geological Museum


Professionally, it's great for us to see a big and diverse mix of families and audiences, and not have to work so hard in getting our audiences to suspend their belief given that they are already in a vibrant and indeed, curiosity-encouraging forest environment already! Having already made squirrels, masks and learnt so much, the audiences were very much at ease and receptive to our show!

- Lewis Hou, Science Ceilidh Band


“More Squirrels!”

Curiosity Forest audience member


Trying to delight audiences everywhere